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  • 04/05/13
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Welcome Mike!

Mike FlynnWe are pleased to welcome Michael P. Flynn of Melrose as marketing assistant/junior strategist.

In this new position, Mike will work with the account management team in areas including client support, project management, and managing and monitoring multiple branded social media accounts, with a special focus on creative strategy.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Providence College and achieving United States Professional Tennis Association certification as a teaching professional, Mike joined the staff of Winchester Indoor Lawn and Tennis Center as an instructor and marketing administration assistant. He later also joined the Winchester Swim and Tennis Club, where he advanced from assistant director of tennis to director of tennis, managing staff, conducting clinics, planning and promoting special events, teaching, and coaching, as well as managing marketing and communications responsibilities.

He also served for five seasons as a volunteer for the Saugus High School girls tennis team, assisting the coaches during tryouts and practices.

While enrolled in the Professional Development program at the Bertolon School of Business at Salem State University, Mike co-founded Foreevo LLC and designed and developed the ChargedUp™ Tennis portable glow-in-the-dark tennis kit, raising funds for the project through Indiegogo crowdfunding. The nighttime tennis kit, comprised of rechargeable phosphorescent strips and markers, is now sold online and will be available soon at local tennis clubs.

  • 11/10/11
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Get in Bed with Mike

Our client, Framingham Co-operative Bank, was featured in the November 2011 issue of ABA Bank Marketing as part of the magazine’s “Idea Bank.”

Created by our agency, the featured campaign, Get in Bed with Mike, utilized humor and non-traditional delivery channels (mobile billboards anyone?) and technologies such as Google Voice to increase public awareness of the Bank’s commercial services.

According to Steve Sousa, Senior Vice President at the Bank, “shortly after the campaign started, Mike had already received more than two dozen phone calls that originated as a result of the advertising Additionally, he has literally been recognized almost everywhere he goes in town. . . with a population of nearly 70,000 and over 4,000 businesses in the Framingham market, that kind of visibility is critical for a relatively small community bank like FCB.”

More recently, we worked with Mike on the next iteration of the “Get in Bed with Mike” campaign, complete with video invitation from Mike:

You can read the whole article here (subscribers only).


My view from the Ad Court bench

NEFMA Ad Court Judges

Court is in session!

It was my great pleasure to join my fellow marketers, Sean Tracey and Jay Nelson, as a judge at the New England Financial Marketing Association‘s (NEFMA) first “Ad Court.”

Kicking off the fall conference, attendees were asked to review three bank commercials and present their best defense and prosecution for each. After each case, we three judges passed judgement not on the commercials, but on the arguments presented.

While none of the commercials were great (a few of us declared all three to be downright awful), the arguments from the NEFMA attendees were fantastic. And with the defense winning their case 2 out of 3 times, it was easy to see how even the worst commercial can appeal to someone.

Each also provide great examples of where commercials can go wrong.

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A Thousand Words

Sun - Super Saver 3

A fairly fuzzy photo op.

Where have all the words gone? From social media sites’ photo-friendly algorithms to icon-laden instructions, one thing is for sure – the communications landscape is now dominated by visuals, which means for marketers, integrating more images into your messaging is a must.

However, this push for aesthetic appeal has also turned out to be a catalyst in a fuzzy-photo pandemic. Read more

  • 06/04/14
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It’s really not fair. . .

According to the 2013 Annoying PowerPoint Survey, "reading the slides" was the number one annoyance.

According to the 2013 Annoying PowerPoint Survey, “reading the slides” was respondents’ number one annoyance.

Preparing to address seniors at the New England School for Financial Studies on the topic of “Executive Presentation Skills,” I came to a conclusion – presenting isn’t fair. Read more

What’s your brand style?

In the world of fashion, it’s a common question – what’s your style? Are you bombshell or bohemian? Classic or country?  Preppy or edgy?

Fashion-related sites are happy to help you figure it out based on your preferences – cut, colors, fabrics – and not all styles are right for all people. (According to Marie Claire my street style is ‘Simply Relaxed’ which I think is pretty accurate).

As knowing your personal style makes shopping easier and prevents potential fashion faux pas, knowing your organization’s brand style establishes the definition by which all communications will be guided and helps avoid missteps.

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  • 07/12/13
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Photography tips for the non-photgrapher

Whether for a press release, annual report, or social media update, the reality is photography plays an important part in any communications strategy. And while it would be ideal to have a professional photographer available at all events – both corporate and community-related – most organizations are faced with taking a “DIY” approach to photography.

While a “good” camera can certainly help improve the quality of a picture, high end equipment is no guarantee of high end results. In fact, there are many great examples of amazing photographs taken with an iPhone (and countless terrible pictures taken with a digital SLR).

As our agency’s official amateur photographer, here are a few of my tips for the marketer/manager/employee forced into the same role:

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  • 06/19/13
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Why all the hate for QR codes?

QR code at the MFAWithin many of the marketing/advertising/social media online circles I frequent, I have noticed a common theme when it comes to the subject of QR (Quick Response) codes in advertising. And that theme is – when in doubt, don’t. Or, just don’t, forget the doubt.

It can be easy to forget that these opinions don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of everyone. Because, of course, if they did, we wouldn’t continue to see QR codes in use. In just the last month I have spotted codes at the Museum of Fine Arts, in various magazine and newspaper advertisements, as well as in the Partners Expo Guide at last week’s COCC Client Conference.

Which got me pondering – if QR codes are so terrible, why do we keep using them? Read more

Why we love going behind the scenes

This is one shot of where I work – looking down the hall lets me see everything!

This is a shot of where I work – looking down the hall lets me see everything!

If you visited LinkedIn on Tuesday, you may have noticed the site is giving visitors a peek at the workspaces of well-known business people including Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson and Prime Minister David Cameron.

I love this idea, because like so many others, I love going behind the scenes. (How else do you explain the popularity of shows like “How It’s Made” and “Stuff You Should Know?”)

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