Friday? Already? How did that happen and where did this week go?

While I had the very best of intentions to write a Social Madness update earlier this week, I got caught in the same dilemma of every communicator – I ran out of time. Or, to be more specific, I spent the time I had on client projects as well as preparing for, and speaking at, the recent Massachusetts Bankers Association‘s annual Technology Retail Banking conference.

While I may not have had time to write, we have, as promised in my last post, started the wheels turning on our plan to give our agency’s social media strategy a kick in the pants, and to keep readers in the loop on what we’re doing and what results we are receiving.

Today we are launching a strategy designed to bring attention to our agency’s Twitter account ( @sundininc ) by contributing to the trending topic “Follow Friday.”

For those who haven’t tried Twitter, users utilize hashtags (#) to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. Clicking on a hashtag will lead you to additional tweets that utilize the same hashtag. Hashtags that become popular are referred to as “trending” and can be seen on Twitter’s Trending Topics lists.

While many trends are created spontaneously in response to a specific event or in conjunction with a special events (eg #superbowl #grammys or #olympics), there are other trends which occur weekly including @onewordwednesday and #followfriday or #ff.

Obviously, our goal is to draw attention to our presence on Twitter, but the strategy is to do that not by repeatedly screaming “Hey look, we’re on Twitter!”, but instead to create connections by sharing with our followers those users who through their tweets share something in common, useful information, inspiration, food for thought, or something that makes us smile.

For this week’s Tweets we focused on our fellow Banker & Tradesman “Best of 2012” nominees:

Using Sprout Social we can schedule future tweets.

As promised, here is an update on the number’s we’ve been monitoring since June 4, 2012:

Want to help?
Please cast your vote at, and follow us on one (or more) of our social media channels.

And, don’t forget to vote for us, or any of your favorite finalists over at Banker &

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  • Brittany at Sprout Social June 8, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    Sounds like a good Twitter strategy, Kristin! I think using #FF is a great way to connect with other users and get noticed. I also like that you’re using a theme with your #FF each week, rather than randomly choosing users. Stating why you’re following those accounts or what value you’re getting from them is not only an excellent way to truly have them notice you (and hopefully give them a lovely compliment), but also gives other users a reason to follow them (other than “I just think you should”).

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Brit Thompson | Social Marketing Manager at Sprout Social

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