Keeping up with the Social Madness

If anything, my inability to write about our Social Madness efforts on a more frequent basis should be an indicator to how difficult, distracting and time consuming maintaining an ongoing social media strategy can be.

While I had several topics on which I could write, including how we are utilizing advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook, and how we set up a Facebook Fan contest, I thought instead we should talk about how to manage a process which can feel a little bit like a hamster wheel – always spinning, never stopping.

It can be exhausting.

But, as with any good tool, when used properly social media should be an asset to your organization, in our case allowing us to connect with clients and colleagues, as well as introduce ourselves to prospects and potential partners. So, here are some things we recommend doing to help you get off, or at least slow down, the hamster wheel:

Create a plan
Sit down at least once a month to create an editorial calendar which includes topics, links, news and events you plan on including on one or more of your channels. For Sundin Associates that means not just thinking about the things that I feel motivated to blog about, but also what projects we may want to feature on the site, what conferences or events we’ll be attending, and what news our staff may want to share.

Be ready to react
Keep in mind that any plan needs to be flexible to keep up with the dynamic nature of our new social media world. Have a blog post about outside activities scheduled to publish the day before a weekend when it’s supposed to rain? Think about writing something new focusing on indoor fun. Planning a post about password security? Maybe put it on the fast track in response to a recent headline about passwords being stolen.

Re-purpose appropriately
After writing this post, you can be certain that we will be sharing it through our available channels, specifically our Facebook Page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn page. I will also probably share it on my LinkedIn profile, but not on my personal Facebook account as there’s where I like to focus on things that are, well, more personal.

Exercise restraint
While one real risk is not updating your channels enough, the other is updating them too often. Finding that right balance is critical to your success because, using Facebook as an example, while someone may have liked you enough to click “Like” you don’t want to inundate their wall with content that inspires them to click “Unlike.” At Sundin Associates our goal is to update the Facebook Page 1 to 2 times a week, but no more than twice a day.

Share the love
In addition to creating original content, don’t be afraid to share great content created by others. A strategy referred to as “content curation,” sharing interesting articles and news from others with your community allows you to provide added value to followers and Fans.

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What tips do you have for managing the social madness? Please share!

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