The first round of the Social Madness competition has ended, and as predicted we did not make it to the next round. You have to admit, I did a good job of setting the expectation on that one.

So now, two weeks later, we’re faced with reviewing the results and determining if our efforts were worth it. Did we do what we set out to do?

Entering the Social Madness competition, we had one fairly vague goal – do better. More specifically, that broke down into three primary goals:

  • Update our available channels – primarily the blog, Facebook and Twitter – on a more regular basis
  • Build our Likes & Followers intelligently
  • Identify opportunities to engage in conversation with Fans and Followers

While there are many tools available for managing and monitoring your social media efforts, we’ve been using SproutSocial, which allows us to manage multiple clients and channels. Through the site, we are able to see some of the results of our recent efforts:

May 20, 2012 – June 2, 2012
During the two weeks leading up to the competition, you can see we had very little activity on our Facebook Page. We had acquired 4 fans in two weeks, and the Page had been viewed 4,400 times by 1,000 users.

June 3, 2012 to June 16, 2012
Our formal social media strategy kicked off on June 3rd, and in the charts below you can see an immediate impact to our performance. We had a net increase of 12 fans, and received 108,000 impressions from over 11,000 users.

Digging into those numbers a little deeper – we can see where those 108,000 impressions are coming from.  As you can see from below, our largest source of impressions was Paid, meaning the views were generated from a Sponsored Story we ran to a targeted audience through Facebook advertising.

So am I happy with the results?

Yes, because I think we met all of our goals – we’ve started a formalized program of self-promotion; rather than trying to reach “everyone” we’ve slowly building our audience of clients and potential prospects, and we’ve begun to hear from those people who follow us, opening up the opportunity for conversation.

But I also know we have room for improvement – so while our competition may be over, I invite you to stick around and see what else we do!

And, don’t forget to vote for us, or any of your favorite finalists over at Banker &

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