Are you familiar with the saying “the cobblers kids have no shoes,” meaning that those people closest to the shoe making professional are running around barefoot because he (or she) is to busy working on shoes for paying customers?

Amongst marketing agency professionals it’s not uncommon to hear a variation on this old adage, as in “the marketing agency has no marketing plan.”

At Sundin Associates, I’m afraid that saying rings true – while each and every day we are advising our clients on how to promote their brands through a variety of channels, we have done little for ourselves. We update our business cards because we have to, create ads only when we absolutely need them, and collateral material? Forget about it – in my 15 years here I have on only the very rare occasion seen our logo on a brochure, flyer or direct mail piece.

You can imagine the excitement around here when we put our logo on a coffee mug in honor of our “best bank marketing agency” award last year.

Which is why what I’m going to say next may seem out of character for us – we’ve been chosen as a semi-finalist in the Boston Business Journal’s Social Madness competition, and we’d like your help!

A one-of-a-kind corporate media challenge sponsored by CapitalOne and organized by The Business Journals, Social Madness is running in 43 markets including Boston. The goal of the competition is to identify the “most social” organizations in the country, with companies to be ranked based on a scoring algorithm measuring social influence by calculating votes on, as well as growth on popular channels Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In the first round of voting, which ends June 18th, local organizations like ours will be competing to be one of the top eight firms to be placed in a bracket to compete against other local businesses. The businesses who make it through the brackets will then participate in a national competition starting July 24th.

Even in the small business category (under 100 employees), we are faced with stiff competition from major local brands such as 96.9 WTTK, and are aware that our odds of making it to the next round are slim. But we are excited about the opportunity to give our own brand a little attention (it’s time to buy Sundin Associates some shoes), as well as share our experiences in the competition through our web site.

In fact, through the next two weeks, we will be drawing back the curtain on what we are doing to grow our agency’s social media footprint, including what tools we are using, what spending decisions we are making, and what results we are receiving as we compete in the Social Madness.

Here are some of the numbers we will be monitoring (as of June 4, 2012)

Want to help?
Please cast your vote at, and follow us on one (or more) of the following channels!

Don’t forget to come back later this week when we share how (and what) we’ve been up to.

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